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Testimonials from previous attendees

I would not be the aesthetic physician that I am today without all that I have learned over the years at Dr. Waldman’s Multi-Speciality Meetings, and our patients would not be reaping the benefits of our treatments without VCS.

Michael Persky, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, California

A special thank you to Dr. Waldman for putting together such an incredible, educational and exciting event for the industry. As a person who has produced over 50 events in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles for celebrities, I must say, I am very impressed. Dr. Waldman really hits it out of the park with his meeting. His high level of education, warm hospitality and amazing organization is second to none. His team is impeccable and the best in the industry at keeping the event on track. Many congrats to Dr. Waldman, Matt Waldman and the whole VCS team on producing such a wonderful meeting.

Vanessa Florez

CEO and Founder, Aesthetic Everything | Beauty Wire Magazine | Aesthetic Agency

Thank you for organizing an excellent conference. It was my first time at the conference and I will recommend it to other physicians and I will attend next year.

Physician Attendee

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Oregon

Staff and I really enjoyed the meeting and variety of information that we attained. At the end of the conference we had a dinner and discussed all the things we learned since we all could not attend all classes. WE WILL BE BACK!


Consultant, Texas

This remains the best multi-disciplinary conference I have ever attended.

Physician Attendee

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Illinois

This meeting just keeps getting better and better each year! I love the atmosphere and the fact that all of these specialties get along so well!


Aesthetic Medicine Consultant, Arizona

You and your team have consistently put forth THE finest comprehensive meeting in our field.

Rami Batniji, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Newport Beach, CA

All lectures on Sunday were top 10… This is the best aesthetic meeting I have attended. I plan to attend next year.

Physician Attendee

Plastic Surgeon , Arizona

Really appreciated the increase in vegetarian selections. Liked venue and close proximity to airport and ability to get a direct flight. I recognize and appreciate the organizers efforts on our behalf.

Physician Attendee


This was an awesome conference. I’m taking away much more information than many other conferences. I’m looking forward to returning next year. I hope it will be held at the Bellagio again.

Physician Attendee

Dermatologist, North Carolina

I will be back next year. Wonderful conference with new techniques and technologies. Practice management tips invaluable. Well done!

Physician Attendee

Dermatologist, Ontario

This has been consistently the finest meeting on facial aesthetic procedures. I love the multi specialty approach, meeting colleagues from the past, and making new professional relationships.

Physician Attendee

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Florida

VCS has set a very high standard and it is an honor to be a part of the program. Kudos to you on building the world’s premier cosmetic meeting.

Patrick Flaharty, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Fort Myers, FL

Working on my talks for VCS, as I would bet as are many of our colleagues tonight, and I went online to download the brochure from the VCS website and I just have to tell you… how amazing you are and what you have done. It is so incredibly impressive and every year I appreciate it more… What you have done is so much more than just create a meeting; you have created a movement. By bringing all four core together you are changing the way aesthetic medicine is being taught and viewed throughout the world.

Steven Dayan, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Chicago, IL

This year the VCS meeting was better than ever! Every year there is fresh content and new presenters that help to achieve the goals of the meeting. Really like the new ideas and best procedures that practitioners can incorporate into their own practices. I am already looking forward to next year’s meeting.

Physician Attendee

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Weston, FL

Year after year the VCS Conference is always successful. It’s organized and managed extremely well, the exhibitors are great, the best doctors in their specialties get to hang out together, and the faculty for the presentations are dispensing superb information.

Lisa Marie Wark, MBA

Las Vegas, NV

Once again you have improved on the multidisciplinary meeting format with high quality, well timed, updated presentations by leaders in standard and niche procedures. Keeping the meeting at the same location and time of year contributes to the consistent high quality. If it were not for political and social reasons in attending other meetings and one could only afford time and funds to attend one annual meeting, I would recommend your meeting as the ultimate educational experience each year in cosmetic facial surgery.

Sheldon Kabaker, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Oakland, CA

It was a privilege to be part of the faculty for VCS 2015. The exchange of information by the multi-specialty faculty was amazing and unique. My three office members thoroughly enjoyed the practice management and marketing program.

Physician Attendee

Dermatologist, Carmel, IN

I wanted to write to you to let you know how much I enjoyed your course — and of course how much I appreciated your including me on the faculty. You have accomplished something truly spectacular, something that would probably have been impossible to achieve by more than 99% of the membership of any and all of the organizations represented by your faculty. I also want to compliment the organization of the course and the truly excellent administration. You have a very special staff — they seem to have it all — they were professional and very attentive to the needs of the participants — and always there, an example from which other course organizers could really learn. I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Robert Kellman, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Syracuse, NY

I just want to let Ed and you know how much I enjoyed myself at the meeting and I want to thank you both again for asking me to participate. I also want to thank you again for letting my niece “crash” the dinner. It was a tremendous experience for someone currently applying to medical school. The girls had so much fun that my wife informs me she will be coming next time!

Roger Dailey, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Portland, Oregon

It is my pleasure to offer a gift of my appreciation. You do an incredibly fantastic job with the meeting and it has become the pre-eminent meeting in facial cosmetic surgery. I have been involved in planning some Academy meetings and I know it is nice to be appreciated and have someone say thanks for a job well done.

Ross A. Clevens, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Melbourne, FL

This is the best and most useful aesthetic meeting of the year!

Physician Attendee


This is the very best facial plastic surgery meeting in America! Hands down!

Physician Attendee


As usual you put together an outstanding meeting. Think of all the patients whose outcomes will be improved and the young doctors who will be inspired themselves to contribute to the field, if you ever find yourself wondering why you break your back to keep this meeting going.

Robert Goldberg, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Los Angeles, California

Thanks again for organizing the best meeting in facial aesthetic surgery in the country. Year after year you guys do the best job and I have had a number of people write or tell me such.

Rick Anderson, MD

Oculoplastic Surgeon, Salt Lake City, Utah

Please let me express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the recent Vegas Conference. I am honored to contribute to the Foundation’s mission to bring together the four major specialties. When a function such as your Vegas Conference is a huge success, the credit starts with the planning committee. Your fine work, excellent planning and realistic scheduling resulted in an informative and smooth running meeting. Thanks to you and your committee, the Foundation’s impact within our industry will continue to grow each year. Congratulations on both a successful and memorable conference and I look forward to participating next year.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Metairie, LA

There is no doubt that this meeting has set a new paradigm for facial cosmetic surgery teaching.

E. Gaylon McCollough, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Gulf Shores, Alabama

This meeting exceeded all my expectations.

Wolfgang Gubisch, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Stuttgart, Germany

The meeting was everything I imagined and more. It has stimulated and invigorated my professional mind! I never fail to bring home several valuable pearls from your meetings!

Devon Granham-Keep, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, New Orleans, Louisiana

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery is consistently one of the best meetings I attend every year. I always return with clinical and practice management pearls that I can immediately implement into my practice. I appreciate the varied philosophies and perspective of different specialties.

Steven Dayan, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Chicago, Illinois

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery is a unique opportunity for open exchanges of information among core cosmetic specialists about topics ranging from the nuts and bolts of running a practice to specific procedural techniques. I always leave with practical pearls I can use immediately.

Heidi Waldorf, MD

Dermatologist, New York, New York

I want to share with you my pleasure at participating in the meeting. It truly is the most scientifically (and socially) rewarding five days I have ever spent.

Jeffrey Epstein, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Miami, Florida

You should be commended for another great VCS meeting with an excellent multi-specialty faculty . With so many opportunities to learn from surgical tips, pointers on procedures, office management and marketing strategies and ways to improve your website and SEO, the VCS meeting proves once again to be the most comprehensive facial cosmetic surgery meeting in the country.

William Mack, MD, PA

Oculoplastic Surgeon, Tampa, Florida

This is easily the best meeting for vendors of all the major meetings. Thank you for working with us to make it productive. Honestly, we are re-evaluating our meeting participation because some meetings are so vendor unfriendly. Yours is great and we will continue to attend!

Shawn Miele

Chief Executive Officer, Advice Media

This meeting is the best educational meeting for cosmetic dermatologic surgeons because it features the best lecturers in fillers, facial plastic procedures, neurotoxins, and office management.

Ron Moy, MD

Dermatologist, Beverly Hills, California

This year’s program was the most comprehensive integration of the sciences of facial surgery and practice management that I have attended in 30 years. As a faculty member, I obtained a wealth of information that allows me to run my business better!

Greg Washington

President, PUMC

I wanted to congratulate you and your entire team for making this year’s program in Vegas an overwhelming success!  It was an honor for me to be asked to be a faculty member.

Steve Yoelin, MD

Ophthalmologist, Newport Beach, California

I was very impressed with your handling of the meeting, organization, quality of speakers, and your staff.  Very impressive – I don’t know how you do it but I am glad you do.

Roger Dailey, MD

Occuloplastic Surgeon, Portland, Oregon

Thanks so much for including me as faculty in this year’s VCS.  Tracy told me that this was THE meting of the year, and she was right; it is the most impactful, relevant (yet not over serious) scientific meeting I’ve ever attended.  Wonderful job by everyone involved in the big task of putting this show together.

Matthew Knight, MD

Dermatologist, Orlando, Florida

This was the best VCS conference that I have attended.  Your conference continues to be the premier aesthetic meeting every year, which was echoed by a number of other attendees.

Ryan Greene, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Weston, Florida

I really feel it is the best meeting I attend each year.  Most importantly I really enjoy seeing my friends from facial plastics.  You guys did a great job and your movies were outstanding as well.  My office staff thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and are still talking  about it.

Ross A. Clevens, MD

Plastic Surgeon, South Harbor City, Florida

This was a serious meeting from start to finish with a plethora of knowledge presented.  One of the best meetings I have attended in years.

Patrick Bitter, Jr., MD

Dermatologist, Campbell, California

Thank you again for inviting me to be on the faculty for the Vegas Conference.  This was such a great meeting.  I love the way you have brought all the specialties together.  This is definitely the best meeting I’ve been to.

Jill Hessler, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Palo Alto, California

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking for the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Symposium.  Dr. Waldman puts on a first class medical and management resource for physicians and practice administrators.  Speakers are carefully chosen to represent practical and reliable experience, advice and technique in a wide array of topics that influence the success of physicians and their practices on clinical, management and marketing fronts!

Cheryl Bisera

Healthcare Marketing, Image Development and Patient Experience Consultant

Please accept my highest compliments on a superb meeting. It was without exception the finest educational meeting I have ever had the privilege of attending.  I knew it would be outstanding, but it exceeded my expectations in every facet.  We are all indebted to you for doing what no one else has ever been able to do- bring together all of the core specialties in a truly ecumenical environment.

William Beeson, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Indianapolis, Indiana

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery is truly a source for knowledge, innovation and inspiration. The lectures and panels consistently deliver compelling and fresh information that result in change. There is tremendous energy and passion packed into the conference and I always leave with pages of notes and ideas!

Tracy L. Drumm

President, IF Marketing

Others had told me for 3-4 years that I really needed to attend.  They weren’t kidding.  That was the best professional meeting I’ve been to in many years.  Next year I plan to bring my office manager and nurse injector.

John Holds, MD

Occuloplastic Surgeon, St. Louis, Missouri

I always come to your meeting with joy, not only because of friends but also it is one of few congresses I learn a lot.

Tunc Tiryaki, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Istanbul, Turkey

I appreciate being included as faculty for your top rated meeting!  The quality of talks was excellent.  I especially enjoyed the practice management sessions.  This added value is something few other meetings offer.

Dianne Duncan, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Fort Collins, Colorado

Outstanding meeting.  I really enjoy being part of it.  Thanks for all your hard work.

John Fezza, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Venice, Florida

I love the conference, all specialties are there, tons of credits.  I am now using a facial technique I got from a facial presentation at the meeting.

Robin Sykes, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Jupiter, Florida

I’m honored to be part of your advisory and have three speaking opportunities this year. Your show is truly my personal favorite!

Cheryl Whitman

CEO, Beautiful Forever Aesthetic

Thank you so much for having me be part of such an exciting meeting.  The energy at the meeting last week was quite different than any other meeting that I attend.  Hats off to you and your team for putting together such a vibrant agenda.

Donna Mendieta





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