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Paul Nassif, MD

Paul Nassif, MD

Dr. Paul Nassif, as a skilled facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, is Trusted with Faces Worldwide ™. His surgical prowess and innovative techniques have been recognized internationally by the media, patients and his peers. Known as a revision and ethnic rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Nassif is sought after by patients from around the world for help in correcting some of the most challenging complications cases. This is why he is Trusted with Noses Worldwide ™. Dr. Nassif specializes in obtaining natural results in both rhinoplasty and aging face surgery at NassifMD Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California.

Affiliated with top hospitals and medical schools in Southern California, Dr. Nassif has authored numerous peer-review articles on facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and has been called upon to give medical conference presentations and lectures about the latest surgical techniques. He is one of the directors of a fellowship training program, which is accredited by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Through the fellowship program, Dr. Nassif teaches young facial plastic surgeons his pioneering procedures. In addition, Dr. Nassif teaches residents and colleagues at the University of Southern California school of medicine.

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