I wanted to write to you to let you know how much I enjoyed your course — and of course how much I appreciated your including me on the faculty. You have accomplished something truly spectacular, something that would probably have been impossible to achieve by more than 99% of the membership of any and all of the organizations represented by your faculty. I also want to compliment the organization of the course and the truly excellent administration. You have a very special staff — they seem to have it all — they were professional and very attentive to the needs of the participants — and always there, an example from which other course organizers could really learn. Finally, I am looking forward to being part of the new ‘resident section’ of your meeting/foundation. Most of all, Randy, thank you for your friendship. I look forward to seeing you in DC this weekend, and I particularly look forward to working with you in the future (and please forgive me in advance if I cannot accomplish all the things as president that you would like to see happen).

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